In 1982 Anselmo Gerosa, after his first experience with Valmalenco serpentine mining, founded the “Serpentino e Graniti Gerosa Srl” in Lanzada. The company offers a complete service, taking care of the whole production process, from stone mining to finishing, throughout all processes of manufacturing, in order to ensure excellent quality and customer satisfaction. The small company grew rapidly and in 1990 Anselmo, now working together with his sons Stefano and Alberto, opened a new factory in Castione Andevenno, near Sondrio: 16,000 square metres with new offices, a warehouse and a large workshop provided with the most modern technologies and machinery for processing all kind of Italian and foreign stones, either natural or artificial, for building industry and interior design furniture. The company, that started working at local level, for the province of Sondrio, then for the Lombardy region, is currently working for national and international customers in a number of countries, since it has built its reputation on high quality service, exemplary advanced manufacturing and attention to details, becoming a strategic partner of top construction companies and professionals. Everywhere and everyday all kinds of customers can rely on the competence of “Serpentino e Graniti Gerosa Srl”, a company always able to find the best solution for any need. Update machinery and highly-skilled personnel have allowed the company to participate in big projects, such as the four new metro stations in Milan, covered with Sardinian granite, a residential complex in Gorgonzola, near Milan, well decorated with Botticino marble, the Oratory in Baruccana di Seveso and a series of prestigious residential complexes in North Italy. After 30 years of activity, the “Serpentino e Graniti Gerosa Srl” philosophy remains the same: making customer dreams reality, satisfying customer needs and wants.